Tax Services

Whilst completion of tax returns and statutory tax obligations are important jobs, all accountants should be capable of completing them and advising you of your tax position and liabilities.

We try to do more than just this and are interested in maximising your tax planning opportunities.

We all have to pay our taxes but within the legal framework there are numerous ways of saving tax and making sure you do not pay a penny more than is absolutely necessary.

We have extensive experience in this area of work and always fight as hard as we can for our clients.

We can help with tax planning in relation to

  • Personal taxes;
  • Business taxes;
  • Tax efficient employee remuneration strategies;
  • VAT Planning
  • Capital Gains;
  • Profit extraction strategies;
  • Exit strategies;
  • Employment Status;
  • IR35 advice.

New clients are often surprised at how much can be done to help with their tax position. We are always willing to go that extra mile to offer advice on the areas where tax can be saved.

It is important that this work is done in advance and you should contact us as soon as possible.

All of our Tax Planning makes legitimate use of the Tax Legislation and Case Law, so that you are not put at additional risk from a full HMRC Enquiry, or where there are risks, these are pointed out to you.

If you have any questions or require further assistance and information, please do not hesitate to contact us by filling out the contact form  or by calling us on 020 8150 9787 today.

Personal Tax

Tax returns can be daunting, and keeping up to date with constant changes in tax legislation can be a real challenge. So let us take care of your tax affairs. We provide a personal tax service for both business owners and private individuals.

We can take care of your personal tax affairs by

  • Completing your income tax returns,
  • Preparing the necessary computations,
  • Income and expenditure reports,
  • Offering tax planning advice to help reduce your tax liability.

We can also assist you in HMRC inspections of your tax affairs and be appointed as your Tax Agent to liaise with HMRC directly on your behalf.

If you have any questions or require further assistance and information, please do not hesitate to contact us by filling out the contact form  or by calling us on 0208 150 9787 today.

Corporation Tax

We know how much time and resources are involved in trying to comply with the reporting obligations. With our tax expertise we will ensure your company's tax affairs are handled efficiently and tax-effectively.

We can offer you a full range of services to help you in minimising your tax obligations and reducing your administrative burden of complying with the tax legislation. These may include

  • Determining the most tax effective structure for your business to minimise your liability
  • Taking full advantage of tax opportunities and reliefs
  • Achieving the optimum capital or revenue tax treatment
  • Reducing tax on disposals and maximising relief on acquisitions
  • Prepare all of the necessary tax computations and file your tax return for you
  • Ensure that all tax returns and accounts are filed online in iXBRL format, using HMRC approved software
  • Making the most of tax opportunities specific to your industry
  • Meeting the rigorous demands of compliance including corporation tax self-assessment
  • Dealing with any enquiries or investigations raised by HMRC on your company tax return and accounts, both aspect and full enquiries.